Cali Green Turf wants you to save water.

The state of California is currently experiencing the worst drought in recorded history. With reservoirs at an all-time low, communities are being asked to cut back on water usage. And if we’re being honest with ourselves, even before the drought, our water usage has been unsustainable for a long time.

The time is now for every person and every business in the state of California to work together toward a solution.

That’s where we can help.

Every year, Cali Green Turf sets a goal to save millions of gallons of water—potable water that can be used to sustain animal and plant life, through one simple change. A new lawn.


We only install the best turf on the market. It’s American-made, produced right outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

We care about keeping jobs stateside, and we care about safety. We promise never to cut costs and import from mega-manufacturers in China, because we want you to rest easy knowing that you and your family, clients or customers are playing on turf that is safe. Every square foot that we install is certified lead-free.

Made of recyclable material, our artificial grass comes with a 15-year guaranteed warranty. Once installed, it requires no watering and very low maintenance. It’s nice on the eyes. It’s durable. It’s good for the environment. It feels great on barefeet (ask about TigerTurf technology that reflects UV rays and heat!).

It’s affordable. Thanks to some great companies that believe in the green homes movement, we can talk with you about 100% financing with no money down.

And it’s healthy and safe for pets and kids. You can even opt into an advanced anti-microbial fill that is perfect for your little loves with two or four feet!


Edi Santos, a Marine veteran and former small business banker, founded the company in 2015 after researching water-wise landscaping solutions during the final semester of his MBA program.

He decided it was time to focus on building a business that would mean something. A lifelong California resident, he wanted to stay in the state. He wanted to preserve the California outdoor lifestyle for his daughters, allowing them to run around in a backyard that looked lush and beautiful, while making sure their children would one day have plenty of water.

In the first year of the drought, he had noticed dead grass and sad-looking lawns. The once picturesque landscaping had gone dry, giving off an overall impression of thirst and dreariness. Slowly, his neighbors had started to tear out their lawns in an effort to conserve.

Some of the grass was replaced by wood chips and mulch. Pesky termites moved into the wood chip piles, and mulch and wood chips swam down to the storm drains and out toward the ocean anytime it rained.

Some of the grass was replaced by white rocks that looked jagged and rough, impersonal and cold.

And then there was the neighbor next door. He put in turf. It looked green. It didn’t escape to the drain at the first sight of rain. It didn’t require water. And Edi said it felt right.

He decided then and there to focus his MBA research and market analysis on finding the best turf available. Then he’d open a business focused on water conservation and environmental stewardship and help Californians who felt the same way.

He quickly built a team of sales professionals, landscape designers and installers with decades of combined experience in the industry.

From the start, Cali Green Turf has been dedicated to making turf affordable for all. Wealth should not a prerequisite to environmental responsibility. Because even if El Niño were to arrive with rain in droves, even if it were to last for a decade, the human race needs to change the pace at which it consumes water—so that the next drought won’t be as painful.


When you choose California Green Turf, you choose:

  • A Beautiful, Low Maintenance Solution to Your Lawn
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Long-Term Sustainability
  • Water Conservation
  • A Local Company that Cares
  • A Veteran Owned and Operated Business
  • Honesty, Integrity, Commitment and Courage

At Cali Green Turf, we promise to meet or beat competitors’ prices. We believe middle class families should have the same access to environmentally sound practices as their wealthier neighbors. Because we’re all in this together.


Hi, I’m Edi Santos—a native Californian, business owner, Marine Corps veteran, and dad. In 2015, I left my career in business banking as a VP with Bank of America to go into business with a direct purpose and impact on people’s lives.

Cali Green Turf means so much to me. It allows me to provide for my family and create great jobs. I’m proud to hold that responsibility.

But it’s also about being in service for something bigger than myself. Through Cali Green Turf, I am able to give back to nature. By making a simple change and saying goodbye to water-intensive lawns, all of us can conserve and respect our fragile ecosystem—today and for generations to come.

As a Marine, I fought for the freedom that we enjoy as Americans. I strive for honor, courage and integrity in everything that I do. I truly love this country and my military brethren. Many of my employees are fellow veterans. It’s a special thing to be able to support each other off the battlefield as strongly as we supported each other on the battlefield.

As a businessman, naturally I want to be successful and serve my customers’ needs. But growth means more to me than simple profit. Every installation stands for job creation, water conservation, sustainability and an investment in the future.

I’m always looking for the most innovative product and approach, and spend a lot of time researching where the industry is and where it’s headed. I want to make sure that when you install a Cali Green Turf lawn, it’s the best artifical grass out there. I absolutely insist on durability, beauty, health and safety.

In addition, I am currently working on a series of environmental turnkey solutions for your home, united under the Cali Green Life umbrella. Coming soon: Cali Green Paint, Cali Green Solar and Cali Green Water. One stop for all your green home solutions.

Aside from the day job, I’ve got a lot going on. I do motivational speaking—I recently spoke to the Aerospace Latino Members Association during Hispanic Heritage Month about motivation and success. I teach youth, particularly those in lower income, high-risk communities, about how to rise above limited opportunity to make something of themselves, much as I have done. I love to eat, hang out with friends, go on adventures with my daughters and ride my motorcycle up and down the beautiful Santa Monica Bay.

In everything I do, I strive to give back to the earth and the community that has given me so much. I am immensely grateful for the life that I live today, and I’m always happy to shine a light on talented people and worthy causes.

The older I get, the more I realize: it’s on us to take care of the earth and our fellow man. It’s on us to create a better future. There is no greater purpose than doing what we can to make the world a better place. I hope you’ll join me.

(Ed. note: Visit our blog post, Meet the Man Behind the Brand, to get to know Edi better.)


With Cali Green Turf, your purchase does more. A percentage of every sale goes to support charity, and the causes we care most about: empowering youth to make goals and good decisions, helping veterans, and building access to safe and healthy water in the developing world.

So you can rest assured that when you install Cali Green Turf, you’re not only brightening your little corner of the world. You’re making someone else’s day a little brighter too.