Six Benefits to Going Green with Cali Green Turf

Edi Santos, CEO and Founder of Cali Green Turf, had an epiphany one day.

He walked out of his house and looked around. The drought in California had gone on for long enough, and gotten serious enough, that people had begun to change their behavior. Landscaping along the once lawn-rich street had transformed as Edi’s neighbors sought out water-saving alternatives or abandoned their outdoor spaces all together in the name of conservation.

He saw brown grass. He saw yellow grass. He saw dirt. He saw gravel. And then he looked to his immediate neighbor to the west and saw lush green. The grass, quite literally, was greener on the other side.

He asked his neighbor what he’d done to maintain such a beautiful yard. And the answer surprised him—low-maintenance, water-free artificial turf.

Edi knew how much Californians love the freedom and beauty of their lawns, where kids can run and play and friends can sit and chat. At the same time, continuing to use water to maintain a lawn while the state’s reservoirs were depleted felt irresponsible.

As he researched artificial turf and started to learn about its benefits, he found himself increasingly committed to water conservation and environmental stewardship. And so, as he finished up his MBA program, he said goodbye to commercial banking and hello to eco-entrepreneurship.

Here the top six benefits of artificial turf, based on client feedback and our experience.

1. Save Water.

One of the top benefits to artificial grass is that it does not require water to maintain its beautiful green color.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, a single square foot of lawn in Southern California requires between 28–37 gallons of water annually. Factor in imperfect lawn irrigation systems plus overwatering (sidewalk run-off) and those numbers increase to 44.8g/sq. ft. in coastal areas up to 59.2g/sq. ft. in the desert. In other words, between 45,000–60,000 gallons of water every year to maintain a 1,000 square foot lawn.

Compare that how many gallons of water the average person drinks per year: 58.

2. Save Gasoline.

Did you know that a single gas-powered lawn mower, used for one hour, emits the same amount of “volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxide emissions” as 11 cars? (Right next to the person mowing and the children playing.) It does. It’s dirty.

In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that gas mowers produce 5% of all U.S. air pollution. And for the past two years, the American Lung Association has named Los Angeles the most ozone-polluted city in the country. Yuck!

By switching to turf, you not only conserve water. You clean up our air.

3. Save Time.

You’re busy. You’re trying to balance work and a commute and relationships and kids and pets and exercise and still find some time for yourself. We get it. The last thing you want to do on a Saturday morning is go out and tend to the lawn. That’s the day for sleeping in, after all. With artificial grass, you’ll never have to worry about knee-high weeds or blades of grass. No cutting required ever.

4. Save Money.

Water costs money. In most municipalities, you pay for your water twice: once on your water bill, and again on your sewer bill. And then there’s the maintenance: the fertilizers, the fuel for the dirty lawn mower. Whether you pay a gardener to mow your lawn or do it yourself, it’s cash out of your pocket. Every single week. When you switch to turf, you’ll make an upfront investment, but you’ll ultimately save on 15+ years of water and maintenance. It doesn’t take long to pay for itself.

5. Keep the House Clean.

No more mud tracked in the house. No more grass stains. Kids, pets and grown-ups who don’t wipe their feet before they cross the threshold will no longer muck up your beautiful floor. Which, again, means less time cleaning and maintaining your home and more time doing what you want.

6. Look Good.

Let’s face it. In SoCal, looks matter. We eat well, we practice yoga, we throw Botox parties. Image is key.

You don’t want to be the rocky neighbor with unwelcome pebbles. You don’t want to be the neighbor with the ugly, dried-up, weedy lawn or the neighbor whose green grass practically screams out you don’t give a hoot about conservation. You want to be the cool, hip neighbor whose lawn is effortless in its awesomeness.

Interested to learn more about these benefits or get the inside scoop on benefits that didn’t make the Top Six? Contact us today to find out more.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow as we continue this discussion and debunk some of the myths consumers have about artificial turf.

At Cali Green Turf, we’re here to help you save water, save money, and save California. We install artificial turf in Los Angeles and Orange County on residential, commercial and institutional property. Contact us anytime at 310-648-8346 or for a free quote. Cali Green Turf is veteran owned and operated. We’ve served our country, now let us serve you.

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